"As a sufferer of Long Covid, having been infected in March 2020, I sought help from Marisa to aid and help heal the symptoms I was experiencing which included fatigue, nerve pain, tremors, brain fog and headaches. 

Marisa is a very gentle soul, and she made me feel immediately at ease. I was nervous of what to expect but she explained everything thoroughly and I felt very comforted and supported during all of my gong therapy sessions.

The therapy itself was emotional but incredible! I felt that the vibrations from the gong resonate inside every cell in my body and whilst I lay on the table I could not feel the tremors or the nerve sensations I had been experiencing, instead my body felt alive and I felt I was able to channel my mind towards healing.

It was a wonderful feeling both physically and mentally. I felt as though I entered a meditative state whereby any stress or frustration I had been feeling was first released and then simply melted away so that my mind was able to be clear. 

I always slept well after each session, and having made significant improvement in my Long Covid journey I feel the gong therapy has most certainly helped in ways I will never understand.

I would not hesitate to recommend therapy with Marisa to anybody who feels that they need physical or mental support or help with relaxation or to release emotion.


“My soul release and retrieval session with Marisa brought so much clarity and healing that I experienced a profound and positive shift in my life. Thank you Marisa.” - S.W.


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