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The Gongs' role in sound healing is to take the person receiving treatment into a altered state in which they can be open to receive healing.

The Gong has been used for centuries for sound healing because of its vibrational energy. The gong can simulate the body’s natural ability to heal as the body is made up of different energy vibrations.

One only needs to sit or lie down and allow the gongs to work their magic!


90 minute Consultation and initial treatment        £35
Weekly follow up 60 minute appointment         
Weekly follow up 30 minute appointment          £25

Group Gong Journey Hire 

Min 6 people/fuel charge to be calculated       £70

*Contraindications - This treatment may not be suitable for the following conditions: Heart conditions or pacemaker, Early pregnancy/ 1st trimester, recent surgery.

Book now - Call: 07572 428 097

                 Email: mstommasini@icloud.com

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”Nikola Tesla


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