The universe is sonic and everything in it vibrates at its own unique frequency.  It is this principle that highlights the primary aim of Sound Healing -  to restore the correct vibration to a body that is vibrating out of harmony.


The effects of sound and its ability to heal has been used in many different cultures and traditional practices throughout history. 


Sound healing is abundantly beneficial for the body, as well as the wellness of the mind and spirit.  Research has shown that when sound resonates in a person; whether it be by using their own voice, the voices of others or musical instruments; it can reduce stress and encourage relaxation.

Other benefits or sound healing are:

Emotional release

Reduced physical pain

Helps with depression and anxiety

Improves insomnia

Marisa Tommasini
Photograph by Phil Hinton © Phil Hinton

What is Sound Healing

'Experienced both Gong bath and Sound healing with Marisa (and being very new to both) I must say I was really surprised by how powerful music is. You feel it inside - and after it stops you can really tell the difference!


I am glad Marisa is not only a professional who would hold you in a safe space but a professional who puts her heart in her healing. Rare combination nowadays. Just go and try for yourself." - V.B.

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